A rumor is making rounds that WB plans to bring a live-action Batman series to television after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is concluded. And why not? Batman would translate well on the medium — as proven by Batman: The Animated Series.

The unnamed head executive spearheading this endeavor wants the series to coincide with Nolan’s trilogy. And to state the obvious: while the series would follow the movies, the actors would be re-casted. So what does this mean? The Joker would be making a return as the main baddie. And WB wants this Joker to be a completely new version from Heath Ledger’s.

Smallville and BBC’s Sherlock Holmes success played a vital role in influencing WB into wanting a live-action Batman series. And a live-action version would translate perfectly: there won’t be a need for a lot of special effects; it can put more of a focus on Batman’s detective skills; and develop more of the villains and Arkham Asylum.

The fanboy in me is absolutely ecstatic. The potential is there. They can finally display his detective skills. And they can take full advantage of the entire rogues gallery. Do it, WB. It’s perfect timing. Smallville is coming to a close. Now bring us Batman.