Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are bringing in a new Superman film that will be produced by critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan. And Nolan’s screenwriter for Batman Begins David Goyer is busy penning the script for the Superman movie. What else? Recent negotiations has locked in Zack Snyder in the director’s seat.

The screenplay supposedly has a Richard Donner connection — which might only be in its villain: General Zod — which I hope is the case. I enjoyed Richard Donner’s Superman films, but the influences should be more heavy towards the comic books.

Zack Snyder is a surprising but welcomed choice. He always has loyalty towards source material and wanting to do it justice. His past visual style with Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen had a sense of wonder, which would match well with Superman. And it’s Snyder. We can expect real fight scenes — something that was sorely missing from Superman Returns.

The collaboration between Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder is really exciting. They have different styles, but together there’s a lot of potential. And they both know it.

“In the initial meetings, he’s been super amazingly smart and also amazingly kind, filmmaker-to-filmmaker. I have great respect for him. The process has been amazing so far, and it looks like nothing but pluses.”

-Zack Snyder about Nolan.

Warner Bros. intends to reboot the Superman franchise to lead the DC Comics adaptations much like Marvel’s own movie universe. So far on paper they’re off to a good start.