Director Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film has been given a title: The Dark Knight Rises. It’s underwhelming. The Dark Knight Returns would’ve gotten backlash from comic book fans since Nolan is intent on keeping Batman and Superman in separate movie universes. But there’s other titles that have potential.

Batman fell as a hero in the eyes of the public in the last film. The police no longer collaborate with him, and he’s wanted for murders he didn’t commit. A more relevant choice would’ve been Shadow of the Bat.

Chris Nolan went on to debunk rumors that the Riddler would be in the film. My choice at this point would be Black Mask. For those who don’t know: Black Mask is Roman Sionis, a man born in wealth who burned down his family’s mansion and killing his parents in the process. Years later Sionis became Black Mask due to the anger and humiliation of Bruce Wayne saving and taking over his failing company. As Black Mask, he forms the False Face Society, who gain power in the Gotham underworld.

Who better than Tom Hardy, who recently joined the cast? No, really. Hardy would be excellent in the role of Black Mask.