Screenwriters Thomas Donelly and Joshua Oppenheimer have been taking on film projects that would make geeks like me happy — they scribed the upcoming Conan movie and are currently penning the adaptation for Marvel’s Dr. Strange. Recently they have been hired by Atlas Entertainment to write the script for the big screen adaptation of Voltron.

A lot of us remember Voltron being a cartoon from the 80s about a group of five men who pilot five lion robots that combine to form  Voltron. Together known as the Voltron Force, the group protected the planet Arus from King Zarkon and his ilk. Full of nostalgia yet?

Concept art for Voltron has recently been released. And it’s looking incredibly badass. Let’s hope they don’t film the action scenes like Transformers. Pull back the shot; let the audience see their massive scale.

It’s hard to be pessimistic about this project. It has potential. The kid in me is excited. We’ll see how it pans out for Atlas Entertainment.