Mad Max: Fury Road has been confirmed to be a reboot rather than a sequel of the Mad Max films. It’ll be starring Tom Hardy, whose most recent role was “the Forger” Eames in Inception. Hardy stated that the new film will be a retake on the story; an updated version.

Luckily Tom Hardy went on to put people at ease who fear the new Mad Max film being overloaded with CG, telling Collider:

“These things are going to be really there. Big rigs, big explosions, big car crashes. Big violence, you know. It’s going to actually happen as opposed to doing a 2D turned to 3D screen. It’s going to be an adventure, let’s put it that way. We’re shooting for a year.”

Tom Hardy certainly has the acting chops to carry Mad Max forward, and the fact that practical effects will be involved is a plus. I was pessimistic until his name was attached, and also with the fact that George Miller of the original film will helm Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s exciting.