Ryan Reynolds stars in the film “Buried”, about a civilian who is a truck driver in Iraq who’s kidnapped by terrorists and buried. In a coffin, Reynolds only has a dying cellphone that he tries to use to get help. He eventually finds out that the terrorists are holding him for ransom. It becomes a race against time to be rescued before he runs out of air.

The fact that it entirely takes place in a coffin is an interesting premise; Reynolds was dedicated to the role and didn’t have any reservations about being thrown in the coffin right off the bat and begin filming. He considers it one of the hardest roles he had to play.

Film festival Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas is holding a contest where four winners will get the chance to watch the entire film inside a coffin. It’s a unique idea and it’d definitely add to the tone of the movie while the contestants watch. The festival takes place on September 18th.