In 2007 Nine Inch Nails released a concept album entitled Year Zero. Coupled with it was an alternate reality game to further the concept that dealt with a fictional future where politics leaned heavily towards evil intentions and fanatics drowned out sanity.

Trent Reznor wrote the album during his frustrations with the Bush Administration, but put a spin on the music instead of writing a straightforward protest album. With a dash of science fiction in a form called, “The Presence”, Year Zero had an underlining horror element.

Now, why am I talking about it? Because Year Zero is finally moving forward to become a miniseries like Reznor has hoped for. Daniel Knauf of Carnivale is penning the pilot with BBC Worldwide Productions as the studio. It’s planned to be an HBO miniseries — which is smart, given the subject matter. There’s no word yet on a release date.

Sure, the inspiration for the concept is now dated, but the story was captivating. And there’s a lot that can be expounded on in a television format. It’s bound to be a very intriguing miniseries.