A sequel for Wolverine is underway with two directors in mind: Robert Schwentke and David Slade. The story continues, this time with Logan in Japan. The latest draft of the script is written by Christopher McQuarrie. And, of course, Hugh Jackman is attached to the project.

Logan’s origin is a long one due to his healing factor slowing his aging considerably, and in the comics, Japan is involved in his past. But do we really need a continuation on his origin after all the liberties the last film took? The only thing they essentially got right was Sabretooth’s personality. Ignoring the comic books, the film itself was mediocre. Not to mention the effects were laughable.

I have a little hope that the second outing will be more respectful and true to the comics — Hugh Jackman is clearly passionate about playing Wolverine, and he loves his fans. Hopefully he’ll reel in the suits. It’d suck to end up with a similar fate like M. Night Shyamalan’s.