Apparently Ridley Scott will be filming an adaptation of the sci-fi novel, the Forever War, with — according to the author of the book — Blade Runner screenwriter David Peoples. They haven’t worked together since 1982, and the fact that they both excelled at the sci-fi genre makes this collaboration sound very promising.

The Forever War is written by author Joe Haldeman, who served as a combat engineer in Vietnam. The premise is an ongoing war between humanity and a species known as Taurans. Spanning across worlds and time itself due to time dilation between worlds, the protagonist endures loss of family and unfamiliarity with society that’s quickly progressing. The novel also deals with exploring war and its affect on people.

It’s a very immersing novel that I had a hard time putting down; the protagonist was very humanized, and therefore making it easy to relate to. I’m excited by the prospect of Ridley Scott and David Peoples being attached to the film project. They would do the novel justice.

You can buy the book HERE.