If there’s one reboot I wouldn’t hesitate to advocate, it would be the Phantom. The premise itself justifies rebooting it every so often.

The Phantom first started as a comic strip created by Lee Falk in 1936 and still continues today. The character also found its way on the mediums of comic books, cartoons, and movies. It’s also the character that started the superhero trend of skintight costumes and masks that do not show the pupils.

In the story; in 1536, pirates attacked a ship that left Christopher Walker as the only survivor who washed ashore on a Bengallan beach. On the skull of his father’s murderer in the attack, Christopher swore an oath to destroy injustice, and that his sons and their sons will follow.

After his death, his son assumed the role of the Phantom. With the mantle being passed down from generation to generation, the Phantom gave the impression of being immortal, which earned him the nickname “The Ghost Who Walks”. Each incarnation of the Phantom has no powers, but instead relies on intellect; strength, and on the legend of being immortal, which places an underlining fear in his adversaries.

SyFy will be bringing the Phantom on TV with a miniseries starring Ryan Carnes; it will premiere on June 20, 2010.

You can view the Phantom trailer here: (SciFi Wire)