I’m not usually a fan of Michael Cera, but the latest film he’s starring in, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World looks to be a very fun movie. Also in the film are Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chris Evans. It’d directed by Edgar Wright.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an adaption of the comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The premise deals with the twenty-something-year-old slacker named Scott Pilgrim and his obsession with Ramona Flowers, which leads to confrontations with her exes. Along the way Scott’s own exes reemerge to cause problems.

The plot is simple enough, but there are sci-fi elements involved that adds to the comedy and story; portals, video game style fights, mystical powers, level-ups, and earning extra lives. Stylistically there’s a heavy video game influence. It adds to the charm of the story. The movie adaption looks like it’ll be a blast.

You can view the trailers here.