Marvel created a TV division to adapt its comic book characters into live-action and cartoons. There’s a lot of promise that it’ll bring all the characters under one universe, but with their own respective shows; which would make a lot of comic book fans happy — myself included.

The only odd thing about Marvel Television at this point is their decision to hire Jeph Loeb to run it. He’s contributed to both Smallville and Heroes, so he does know the medium — but he doesn’t exactly have a good track record. The disjointed mess that Heroes became can be partly blamed on Loeb; with the constant characterization changes, plot changes at the drop of a hat, and story-arcs that ultimately went nowhere.

Marvel is taking a chance with Jeph Loeb, but who knows? Maybe he learned from the mistakes made on Heroes. He might take the fan criticism to heart; especially from the comic fans. Nonetheless, Marvel’s intent on bringing its characters onto both TV and movies, and with the obsession of putting them under one universe is an exciting endeavor. It added a lot to the comic books, and it would definitely add to the other mediums as well.