Post Hardcore / Screamo band from San Diego, A City Serene have been busy recording a new album and going on tour. They return home to headline at SOMA this Saturday on June 19, 2010.

A City Serene formed in 2008 and performed their first gig at a little bar. They gave it their all despite the small crowd; their first night and they were already displaying a strong stage presence. It really showed their work ethic and their passion for music. And it wasn’t before long they were headlining local shows and drawing crowds. Despite their popularity rising, they remain humble, talking with their fans and wanting to connect.

Recently they released a new song entitled Diamond Skies on their MySpace at:

In addition, they released a fun cover of 3OH!3’s My First Kiss which can be found here along with other songs for download and for listening:

If you like what you hear, you can purchase their EP, The Art of Deceiving Perception, here:

Or buy their EP via iTunes at:

T-shirts can be bought at:

To stay informed and for tour dates, visit their MySpace HERE. I highly encourage everyone to attend one of their shows and experience A City Serene‘s performance for themselves.

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