In 1993 Power Rangers debuted on television becoming an instant pop culture phenomenon. It was every kid’s obsession — mine included. Both in and outside school the show was the main topic. It was also the chosen game most of the time, which resulted in a lot of rough-housing. The arrival of the Green Ranger garnered a lot of excitement, especially once he defected onto the Rangers’ side; he was the ultimate anti-hero. Then there was the mystery behind the identity of the White Ranger, which sparked a lot of speculation with children. The reveal that it’s Tommy was a huge event. The franchise was a powerhouse in the 90s.

I was full of nostalgia when it was recently announced that Saban bought back the Power Rangers franchise from Disney. Founder Haim Saban will be bringing the franchise over to Nickelodeon, presenting the 18th season with the goal of bringing it back in full force; to bring Power Rangers back to the forefront of youth culture. If all goes according to plan, there will be a return of live tours (who remembers those? It was exciting seeing live action fighting between Rangers and monsters), films, and theme park attractions.

It’s a lot planned for a franchise that was essentially stagnate for the last few years. If Saban and Nickelodeon can successfully recapture the show’s magic, I wouldn’t mind Power Rangers becoming relevant again. In fact, I’d force all my younger cousins to watch it. And yes, I do feel old right now. Old and childish. Who wants to play? I call dibs on the Green Ranger.

Source: (Hollywood Reporter)