James Franco is set to star in the prequel of Planet of the Apes. Entitled Rise of the Apes, the film will take place in modern-day San Francisco; the premise being the conflict between man and ape after an experiment that creates apes with equal intelligence of humans. Franco will play a scientist caught in the middle of the fray.

James Franco does have the screen presence and acting chops to carry the film, but I’m disappointed about some of the decisions for the movie. The apes will be done entirely in CG instead of actors in suits — which may make it hard for actors to interact with each other. I would have preferred the suits for that alone, but hopefully they can pull it off better than the CG-fest that the Star Wars prequels were. Or even better: hope they change their mind during pre-production and bring the suits back. Use CG to enhance the effect, not to entirely create it.

Source: (Flick Sided)