Months ago I ridiculed the fact that a board game was getting a film. And what’s this? The Creative Arts Agency has been in talks with various producers about developing a movie on the Rubix’s Cube? Yes, they’re trying. It just might happen if they attach one of their big name actors to the project.

Is a film on the Rubix’s Cube necessary? No — but imagine the fun! You could watch others on a screen timing each other solving the Rubix’s Cube! A Rubix’s Cube tournament could be the climax of the movie, where the protagonist solves the puzzle in record time and releases Pinhead and his cenobites. Oh wait . . .

I could see a five minute short for the Rubix’s Cube, but a feature length film wouldn’t be compelling. The concept would have to be outside the box (forgive the pun). Then again, it could stay in development hell. Unless of course it made a deal and comes through Pandora’s box. Then we’re in trouble.

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